American Giant: Will I Finally Find the Perfect T-shirt? Maybe... by Donna John

6 years ago

American Giant: Will I Finally Find the Perfect T-shirt? Maybe...

As an avid T-shirt wearer who is very picky about the fabric and how they fit, this article about American Giant on intrigued me. American Giant, who created “the greatest hoodie every made,” according to Slate, spent a whole year designing the “perfect” T-shirt. What, according to Michelle Allen, American Giant’s director of merchandising and design, makes a perfect T-shirt?

  • The right fabric. It should be substantial, but still lightweight.
  • The fit. The T-shirt should drape the body just right. American Giant “developed an extra seam at the back of the shirt” to make sure it doesn’t bunch or lay wrong (my biggest issue with T-shirts).

Does this perfect T-shirt sound too good to be true? I’m hopeful, and won’t know until I order one. With a $36.50 price tag, it will be well worth it if I can truly have the perfect T-shirt hanging in my closet. And guess what? It’s made in America. 


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Meredith Schneider
So love a comfy t-shirt! #30Seconds shirt is super comfy! :)
Donna John
That is the truth, Meredith Schneider ! Love mine! And Holly Budde , I still have yours. Pick a day next week and let's meet up.
Holly Budde
yes yes yes ! lets do !! i am free for lunch or dinner on the 6th or lunch on the 7th-- ur pick ;). Cant wait to see you!!
Donna John
The 6th is my grandson's birthday and party. How about we plan on lunch on the 7th? Look forward to it!! Holly Budde
Holly Budde
its a date!! See you then
Elisa Schmitz
Yay! Let me know how you like this shirt, Donna John . Maybe I'll get one, too. So glad you and Holly Budde are finally getting together! You two better take a picture with your tribe shirts on! This is a momentous occasion!!! xoxo (wish we could be there, right Meredith Schneider ?)
Ann Marie Patitucci
Can't wait to hear your review, Donna John !

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