Keep Cold-Weather Clothes Chic: 5 Hacks to Revamp Your Winter Wardrobe! by Cheryl Leahy

6 years ago

Keep Cold-Weather Clothes Chic: 5 Hacks to Revamp Your Winter Wardrobe!

Winter clothes can start to look shabby – all the snow and salt definitely takes a toll! Here are a few tips to help keep those winter clothes in tip-top shape!

  • For sweaters that pill, an easy way to zap those unsightly fuzz balls is to use a razor and lightly "shave" your sweater.
  • Cashmere sweater need a refresh? Use a special sweater shampoo and DIY for less at home!
  • Natural rubber boots often start to look cloudy, so use a bit of Armor All (the stuff you use on your car!) to keep them shiny.
  • Want to extend the life of tights? Run them under water and freeze for 24 hours, then thaw.
  • Swap plain laces in boots for fun derby laces. 

Stay stylish this winter!

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Elisa Schmitz
Who knew you could shave your sweater or freeze your tights? You constantly give me new ideas, Cheryl Leahy ! Thank you! 😀

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