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Been there done that lol... "trying" to have fun cooking for 1 since most everyone has moved off...well except my youngest son who won't eat anything but meat, corn, french fried potatoes, salad and Hawaiian rolls, his least she's not too picky...and my 6yr old grandson, which he is so much worse than my son...this little guy won't eat hardly ANYTHING! So needless to say, i just don't bother cooking for them very often...I'm low income anyway lol so eh..less stress hahaha. But what's bad about my little grandson, i usually have him @ 4 days out of the week for dinner! I hate having to figure out what to fix him! I usually make a meat, green beans and tater tots or fries....cause thats all he would eat that is healthy until here recently. NOW...he won't eat green beans or tots & fries! So we're down to meat and corn!!! Geez! Oh and he WILL NOT EAT SWEETS! NOPE! Also....he only drinks water and chocolate milk! Yup! Lol! Otherwise egg rolls, pizza, taquito's, or McDonald's cheeseburger and chicken fries no soda! Thats it! So yup...I'm cookin' for one basically. That's why I'm here lol! After looking around on this site for a bit, i have found some really great tips and info, along with some really great recipes i can't wait to try!!! I'm going to the store in just a few to get some chicken and onions to make the Caramelized Onion Baked Chicken..That just sounds so good! Btw, sorry for the long history here i always have been long winded!! ;)
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