Veronica Villanueva discovered her "why" after being diagnosed with stage IV “incurable” lung cancer in 2016. Now, over four years after her 6-month prognosis, Veronica inspires others to embrace a holistic lifestyle by cultivating a positive mindset, eating healing foods, and acquiring daily rituals that foster self-love. As the author of The Grace of Cancer, a trained Cordon Bleu chef, and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Veronica knows just how to help others commit to a cancer-fighting lifestyle!

Veronica is currently based in Los Angeles, CA and is the Co-Founder of Alive Well Thrive (, a cannabis and CBD line that creates the highest quality products designed to help cancer warriors feel alive, get well, and thrive.

Disclaimer: Veronica does not endorse opting out of conventional treatments for the sake of using cannabinoids. Combining cannabinoids with cancer treatment could be beneficial, but to try experimental therapy while refusing established treatments is dangerous. However, she does endorse eating healthy foods, taking the time to create memorable moments, and of course, fostering loving relationships.

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