With a core belief that our homes and our lives are made for living, Jessica Hanley started Piglet in Bed in 2017 from her mother’s West Sussex garden shed with just a small range of linen bedding made from 100% European flax. Today, the British lifestyle brand is widely known for its bold approach to individuality and its beautiful, low-maintenance bedding, sleepwear, and homewares.

Using sustainably sourced natural materials, Piglet in Bed creates products that only get better with love and time. A favorite linen sheet becomes infused with stories, eventually being passed down through generations.

The British brand’s signature natural linen bedding contains long and natural fibers that regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter. The brand has expanded its range in recent years to include cotton bedding, bedding inserts filled with 100% merino wool, a bathroom collection made up of sustainably sourced cotton towels, and other natural homewares.

Piglet in Bed finds beauty in the everyday. Their products are designed to effortlessly slot themselves into, and at the same time enhance, a life well-lived. After all, less time spent worrying about making your home pristine equals more time seeking comfort in the simple moments.

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