The founder and leader of several thriving companies, both as startups and through acquisitions, Mason Farmani has spent his professional career observing “successful” individuals, including CEOs, business owners, top level leaders of various industries, and the rising stars of today and tomorrow. Often, despite financial abundance and positions of power, these individuals find themselves unfulfilled, unhappy, and unconnected to who they want to be. For Mason, the driving question has been why?

For years Mason found himself in the same place, at the height of his career but unfulfilled and often suffering from anxiety. He found the answer within himself by connecting with his heart and discovering who he truly was. By experiencing a liberating epiphany, Mason saw his true calling and how his experiences provide wisdom and lessons he can share with others. He then changed careers to commit himself to helping others live with intention, connection, and purpose by reconnecting to their true selves. Mason works one-on-one with clients, becoming their motivational coach, supportive cheerleader, and transformational guide, keeping them focused on their commitments, being honest with themselves, and reconnecting with their hearts.

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