A collaborative and dynamic psychotherapist, Dr. Kathryn Smerling specializes in creating healthy and meaningful relationships. She works with individuals and families in all phases of life, crises-related or otherwise. Her extensive professional and educational experience has developed her working knowledge of a broad range of techniques, allowing her to creatively tailor sessions to meet the specific needs of her clients.

Dr. Smerling provides individual adult therapy, as well as comprehensive couples and family therapy. She also specializes in family systems, with an approach that is both inclusive and supportive of children and their needs within the greater picture of the family. Having begun her career as a nursery school teacher, Dr. Smerling has always been an advocate for children and their education. She is an authority in aiding families going through divorce, both as a parent coordinator and a child advocate, and she is a known expert with families who have children in the autistic spectrum, especially when it comes to working with their siblings.
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