June Jacobs became a trailblazer of the contemporary approach to skin care using her personal life traditions and her 30+ years of professional experience to create her namesake brand, June Jacobs – leading the charge by combining cutting-edge science with botanical remedies for a luxuriant experience. To create this groundbreaking line, June opened her own lab so that she could truly focus on overseeing the creation of botanically based products that delivered results.

Coming from a large extended family steeped in Mediterranean tradition, June was captivated as a child by the myriad of uses from the ingredients local to her family's ancestral home on the coast of the Caspian Sea. June observed the resourceful and beautiful women in her family utilize anti- oxidant rich ingredients for healing and beauty remedies as well as overall well-being. Using remaining leaves from the daily tea infused into creams that were applied to their skin was the norm.

Along with these passed down traditions was the influence of physicians, inventors and merchants within her large family. From them, she learned the importance of science, practical application and technological innovation. June began her career as a consultant working in the offices of several esteemed dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Instinctively, June knew there had to be a way to leverage science with the natural ingredients used by the lineage of the beautiful women in her family for generations.

As a single mother, putting her only child, Rochelle, through college, June was able to sustain her lasting relationships with patients and as a result, her reputation grew. Some of New York City’s finest cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists were now retaining June to help build their own clinical skin-care products for their practices.

Never satisfied with what was available in the market at this time or even with what she had assisted these doctors in developing, June took her experiences and concluded it was time to go out on her own to execute her dreams and visions. She partnered with Rochelle, now a businesswoman and self-confessed skin care junkie, to launch their own collection of luxury skin-care products.

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