Jennifer L. Jacobson is the founder of Nimbus Haus, a volunteer art program for youth in foster care and LGBTQ+ youth. Jennifer is an artist and professional communicator who has been advising brands and envisioning interactive online communities since 1994. She is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and has been working with youth for decades. Jennifer specializes in creative communications and brand identity. She holds a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University, with two BA’s and a minor in Cinema.

Jennifer has served on the Board of Directors of the Happy Hollow Foundation, The Mt. Umunhum Conservancy, and advocated for numerous nonprofits, including Freedom to Marry, and Seattle Counseling Service. Jennifer has directed documentary videos about Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Forge Now, and also film star and animal right’s advocate Tippi Hedren at the Shambala Preserve.

She is the founder of Jacobson Communication, a Seattle-based boutique PR firm and the author of 42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business, as well as Snow Tires for Startups: How to Get PR Traction for Your Brand.

In her spare time, Jennifer makes independent documentaries, paints, writes fiction literature, quilts, and creates music in her home studio. She believes creative expression has the power to heal and develop the confidence one needs empower one’s self and to improve the world.

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