Holly DiBella-McCarthy, ., Sixth Year degree in Educational Administration

Holly DiBella-McCarthy is an educator, certified in special education, with over 35 years teaching pre-k through college. Her journey began in preschool teaching children with special education needs. Continuing as an elementary school teacher inspired Holly to make learning fun while teaching pre-reading skills to students who benefited from repetition and a boost of confidence. As Director of Special Education, Holly made a difference for kids by supporting their teachers, therapists, and parents. Teaching university students completed her Pre-K through college teaching career. Holly has authored many educational journal articles, non-fiction books, a Chicken Soup for the Soul story, and children's books.

Holly's passions are education and advocacy as she continues to support parents and teachers through Raising Kindergarten Ready Kids resources available to download on her website Her blog articles explore topics related to school readiness. Holly hopes to continue to make a difference for young children by sharing best practices to prepare for preschool, kindergarten, and future school success.

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