As a travel expert, David is truly passionate about the art of the hustle – using his entrepreneurial business background to stay engaged in investing, startups, as well as real estate renovations. David is currently an investor in Chipotle, Apple, J-Swipe and a new exciting Mezcal Tequila company. He recently participated in BurningMan and runs and manages a Condo Association.

David keeps his pulse to the real estate market through the operations of the self-storage industry. For the past several years, David has managed the operations of four self-storage facilities totaling close to 200,000 square feet ( While the management of the self storage portfolio provides a foundation, David's true enthusiasm is within the residential real estate market. As a licensed associate David has brokered rentals, sales, purchases and has successfully purchased, fixed and flipped his own investment property. He is bullish on the South Florida real estate market and looks forward to finding more opportunities to exercise his operational skills and create value.

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