In her debut cookbook Macros Made Easy, influencer Danielle Lima offers 60 quick, delicious and super-satisfying recipes that make tracking your macros a snap.

After gaining 80 pounds during her second pregnancy, Danielle discovered her love for tracking macros. Instead of trying to lose weight with deprivation (years of yo-yo dieting proved that was a no-win), she learned her body thrived when she gave it what it wanted–which includes a daily chocolate chip cookie!

Oh Snap Macros (138K Instagram followers) and her blog grew out of her love of sharing her recipes and helping others achieve their goals.
Macros are the three main macronutrients our bodies need to function: protein, carbohydrates and fat. Tracking your macros is an easy way to balance these three macronutrients daily according to your health and nutrition goals, which differ for everyone. Danielle’s recipes are family-approved and perfect for weeknight dinners.

tips by Danielle Lima