For the past 30 years, food scientist and internationally-renowned chef Brad Kent has been working tirelessly to perfect the taste and texture of both pizzas and bagels which marks now as the perfect time to debut his new establishment, Bagel+Slice. Bagel+Slice is opening soon in Los Angeles and represents community, social awareness and environmentally friendly solutions with a commitment to health consciousness and the planet's natural resources. Bagel+Slice is committed to the future of our planet by contributing in major ways toward reversing climate change.

Paying homage to the historic New York City bagel makers, Bagel+Slice rolls their bagels by hand (not a machine), boils the bagels (instead of steaming them), bakes their bagels on a burlap lined board (not parchment paper) and bakes their bagels in a hearth oven (not a convection oven). Bagel+Slice is gluten free friendly and their doughs for bagels and pizzas are all vegan. See below for delicious Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day recipes exclusively from Chef Brad Kent and Bagel + Slice!

tips by Chef Brad