7SearchPPC Publishers
7SearchPPC is the industry-leading pay-per-click (PPC) platform. We exist to connect advertisers to publishers. We offer industry-leading revenue shares to our publishing partners so they can expand their website’s or blog’s revenue potential. We have various adverts types to choose from, including text ads, banner ads, and image ads. No matter what your website is like, we have a suitable ad type for you.

We ease our publishing partners’ burden of finding the right advertisers as we have some of the best brand-names as our advertising partners. We provide quality advertisements to monetize your website without compromising the user experience. When you join us as a publisher, you will have the liberty to choose which type of ads you want on your website and where you want to display those ads.

What do We offer?
7SerachPPC is in the industry long enough to understand what our publishers want from us, and we give them exactly that. It is the reason that 7SearchPPC is among the best PPC companies in the market. We never put out of context ads or the type of advertisements that don’t match your website’s content. We have implemented strict requirements that advertisers have to fulfill before being chosen as our advertising partners. This scrutiny process helps us provide quality advertisements to our publishing partners’ websites, ensuring an excellent user experience.

We have an expert team of seasoned pros with several years of extensive experience and technical expertise who monitor the ads and their content. So 7SearchPPC publishers don’t have to worry and be confident that they will receive ads best optimized to increase their revenue potential.

7SearchPPC Revenue Sharing
7SearchPPC offers a revenue share to its publishing partners that is unrivaled in the industry. Our revenue share deals start at 60% of the cost earned on every click. When you join us as a publisher, our revenue-sharing policies will help you make money from your website at an unbelievable pace. 7SerachPPC has an excellent track record with the publishing partners when it comes to revenue sharing. We provide timely payments to our publishing partners as per our revenue-sharing contract.

Why Choose 7SearchPPC?
When you create a free publisher account with 7SerachPPC, you will get a piece of code that you can put on your website wherever you want to display the ads. Our experts thoroughly inspect the advert code to ensure that it will not cause any issues with your website’s functioning. If you have any problems attaching the code to your website, you can reach out to our support team 24/7. We will be glad to assist you with any challenge that you might face.

At 7SearchPPC, we are firm believers in transparency. When you sign-up for a publisher account with us, we will provide you with the publisher dashboard’s log-in credentials. This dashboard will contain all information regarding ads you are running on your website, how many clicks these ads generate, and how much you have earned from them.

If you are interested in monetizing your website, you can register now. We would be pleased to welcome you as our affiliate and publishing partner.

Benefits of joining 7SearchPPC as a publisher:
Monetize your website without any additional efforts
60% or more revenue share
Timely and secure payments
Best bidding prices in the PPC industry
Ads optimized to best suit your website
24/7 personalized customer and tech support
If you still have any additional queries, please get in touch with our support team at support@7Searchppc.com.
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