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Amanda Chay
2 months ago

Hey Family,

Looking back, I'll admit it – I kind of messed up our dreamy Italian vacation with my whole "see-all, do-all" agenda. I mean, yeah, it was scorching hot, and we were crammed in that tiny Fiat like a muffin top in tight jeans, navigating those nerve-wracking cliffside roads.

But here's the thing: I could've chilled with the packed schedule and honored our need for some good ol' rest and relaxation, especially since one of us – me – has lupus and really should be better at managing travel and not wiping out her energy levels. Maybe we could've lingered a bit longer, gazing at those yachts in the Tyrrhenian sea?

Lesson learned, right?

Moving forward, here's the game plan:

  1. Give us a full day of rest for every three days of exploring.
  2. Check in with all of you daily to gauge how you're feeling and figure out our energy levels.
  3. Listen to you and alter our plans when no one is eager to leap out of bed for the day’s previously planned adventure.
  4. Let's really soak up the moment during our travels – take in the sounds, feelings, scents, tastes and sights. Enjoy every bit of it!
  5. Fully embrace that we can't do and see it all, no matter where we go.

Sound good? If it does, how about Zurich next year? I've snagged tickets for Taylor Swift, and you know I'm not above a little bribery.


Your Perfectly Imperfect Mom

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Comments (2)

I love this, totally relate.
Elisa Schmitz
This is wonderful, Amanda Chay ! I especially love this: "Fully embrace that we can't do and see it all, no matter where we go." Yes, please! Thank you for sharing with us.
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