Khao Yai, Thailand: My Sunday Morning With the Monks in Thailand by Sheri B Doyle

2 years ago
Khao Yai, Thailand: My Sunday  Morning With the Monks in Thailand

On any given Sunday morning, the monks in the Khao Yai area of Thailand can be seen walking through the villages. The locals pay respect to the Buddhists by offering packages of food, money, drinks and other life necessities.

One Sunday I was lucky enough to be part of this tradition at the Kirimaya resort. As a guest we were able to purchase food boxes and floral offerings to give the monks when their journey brought them to the hotel. I had been looking forward to this for the entire week of our stay. I woke early to collect my box and wait for their arrival.

Three monks arrived, dressed in yellow gowns, and walked to the lobby area where we each took turns handing our boxes and flowers to the monks. Gently they took them as we bowed our heads and received their thanks and blessings. Standing in their presence amidst their quiet grace was the most calming experience of my life. Tears began to flow as I raised my head to step away.

After all the offerings had been given we were each handed two glasses – one filled with water and one empty. We each kneeled down and as the monks prayed we slowly poured the water from one glass to the other. The feeling of their blessings could be felt without understanding their words – and will always be carried in my soul.

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OMGoodness, I have goosebumps. What a life-changing experience, Sheri B Doyle . A moment to treasure forever!

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