The Jeep Wave: Brand Loyalty That Has Created a Jeep Family by Cassandra Lee Jones

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5 years ago

The Jeep Wave: Brand Loyalty That Has Created a Jeep Family

As I drove off the lot in my first Jeep, I couldn’t wait to begin my tireless waving. Aside from the sheer joy of being officially part of the "Jeep Gang," as my friend calls it, I felt a strange sense of pride for which I can only assume is the reason the Jeep wave first began.

People have speculated that it dates all the way back to WWII. Soldiers would come home and buy a CJ, or Civilian Jeep, because when you drive a Jeep, it's love at first ride. The Jeep wave was originally only done by owners of CJ, YJ, TJ and JK owners (Jeep Wranglers) because they were military lineage. Today, however, the prestigious wave applies to all members of the Jeep family. Here are the rules:

  • If you own, insure or drive a Jeep of any kind, you must wave when waved to.
  • If your Jeep is newer, you must wave first.
  • Vigorously wave your hand back and forth.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, wave to a non-Jeep.
  • Have fun – we are a family!

“The Jeep Wave is an honor bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class and discomfort tolerance to own the ultimate vehicle: The Jeep.” – Andrew Boyle

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Donna John
Do you know how many times I’ve thought about writing a tip about the wave? Mine was going to be called the “Wrangler Wave.” Don’t know if it’s a Texas thing, but we only wave at Wranglers here. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Wrangler, and when I drive the Cherokee I don’t even think about the wave (unless I pass a Wrangler and wish I had drove it instead). But the Wrangler? That is part of the fun of driving it! My husband thought I was crazy the first time he drove it and I told him he better wave back. He came home and told me I was right, it IS a thing. My daughter has borrowed the Wrangler a couple of times and loves the waving, too. She’s now saving to buy her own Wrangler. I’ve had other Jeep Wrangler drivers stop traffic to let me in. It truly is a family. Once you buy a Jeep, you’ll always own one. My first Jeep was a Liberty. Oh, and our wave is a couple fingers or whole hand up from the steering wheel or hand out the window, no vigorously waving allowed. I’ve been meaning to do a tip about the motorcycle wave … guess I need to get on that! 😊
Cassandra Lee Jones
My dad has had them my whole life. My first car was a Nissan and it just wasn't the same. I really want a wrangler but sadly I can't afford it (Darn you student loans) so I got a Compass but in 3 years when this lease is up you better believe this girl is getting a Wrangler!
Donna John
Be careful if you buy a pre-owned Wrangler. We were told they are usually driven hard so new is best. I like the Compass. Enjoy your Jeep!
Cassandra Lee Jones
Yeah if I buy one as my primary car it will be new but if I buy it as a "fun car" it will have to be used. Ill make sure to do a bunch of research! Thank you!
Elisa Schmitz
I love this! I grew up with Jeeps through my grandparents. They were from "the old country" and were hunters and cabinet makers. The Jeep was an essential in their lives. My uncle still has my grandfather's last Jeep, a 1986! They really last. As for me, we currently have a Jeep Liberty. But, I have a "milestone" birthday this year, and I'm hopeful I will finally get the Wrangler I have always wanted. Fingers crossed! ;-) Lucky YOU, Donna John , that you have TWO! Thanks for this great post, Cassandra Lee Jones , because I did not know about the wave!
Cassandra Lee Jones
Woo! I hope you get one too!
Donna John
Oh, yeah! You need a Jeep Wrangler for your 50th!! Hint, hint, Dieter Schmitz . ;-)
Cassandra Lee Jones
She reallly needs one!
Elisa Schmitz
Haha, thank you for reminding him, Donna John and Cassandra Lee Jones ! And I just remembered that I think Kathy Ast-Kutzbach and Stacie Ast-Kutzbach have Jeeps, too! #jeeppeople
Mike Prochaska
Who don’t love to go off roading
Sheri B Doyle
I love my Jeep and the wave. I didn't think it applied to Cherokee's either so thanks for letting us know we should be including them in our family! After owning my jeep I can't imagine having any other vehicle. In fact it is one of the only things we didn't sell when we sold everything to travel the world. It sits at my sons house waiting for us to return every winter. :)
Donna John
Yeah! I knew you're my kind of of people, Sheri B Doyle . Traveling the world and own a Jeep. :-)
Donna John
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds and Cassandra Lee Jones , when you get your Wrangler, you'll need one of these. :-)

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