Bicycling Through Tuscany: An Italian Bike Ride I Will Never Forget by Sheri B Doyle

2 years ago

Bicycling Through Tuscany: An Italian Bike Ride I Will Never Forget

In Tuscany, a small medieval town rests amongst the rolling green hills and mountains. For over 500 years a wall has surrounded the town, once serving as a road and now as a respite from daily life.

Originally built to keep the Medici family out of the town, whose inhabitants were rich from silk production, the wall has managed to keep Lucca safe. Now the tree-lined road on top of the wall is no longer open for cars but for pedestrians, runners and bicyclers. 

More times than I can count I have ridden one of the ramps up the wall, and with music playing in my ear buds I have escaped reality, riding in peace among the gorgeous Tuscan scenery. Along the wall there are Italian palaces, men playing chess, elderly couples holding hands while they look out over the ancient churches, dogs running along their owners bikes, and couples pushing their babies in strollers. There are beautiful statues on the wall paying homage to pieces of history or perspectives on politics. Restaurants offer beautiful Italian coffees or dinner amidst the town’s lights.

No matter the reason for any of us being on that wall we all seem to experience the same thing – magic. It is a bike ride I will never forget and one I always return to in my mind when looking for peace. On that wall I felt like I was on top of the world, riding amongst the present and the past surrounded by people who must also have felt the same.

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Donna John
Wow!! How lucky you are to have gotten to do this. I went to Italy four years ago, and cannot wait to go back. Will add this to the "must-do" list. Sheri B Doyle
Meredith Schneider
Oh wow Sheri B Doyle! I've always wanted to go to Italy. Thanks for sharing about your amazing trip there. Incredible memories you made you will have forever.
Sheri B Doyle
yes! If you decide to go let me know, I can make recommendations if you need them.
Elisa Schmitz
This sounds amazing, Sheri B Doyle ! Italy is on my bucket list and now this bike trip is, too!! ✈️
Cherie, I know what a great bike ride this is.
I've also had a bike ride once in my life through a national Park on the island of Brunei. The reserve is called Bukit Piton Wildlife Safari (). I will never forget the tour my husband gave me! It's memories are always with me and desires again to go back!
Tammy Read
I am so jealous! This is my dream vacation. Thanks for sharing.
Sheri B Doyle
Keep dreaming, one day it will be a reality!
Saludable Contigo
Traveling + cycling, what a great combination. Thanks for sharing!

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