Afraid to Fly? Here's Practical Advice on Overcoming the Fear of Flying by Sheri B Doyle

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6 years ago

Afraid to Fly? Here's Practical Advice on Overcoming the Fear of Flying

Flying is an essential part of my life, but one I don’t like. I was so afraid of flying at one point I would get physically ill before the flights and then almost in tears until I landed. I worked hard on ways to make the best of my time in the air. I never worried about my loved ones when they flew only about myself flying. Realizing this was irrational I decided to take control of my fears and find a way to make the most of the situation. This is what you can do:

  • Learn more about the process of flying
  • Remember pilots are highly trained people who have friends and families they want to get home to.
  • Over eight million people fly each day, safely. That exceeds any other mode of transportation.
  • Bring things to help you pass the time and take your mind off of the flight.
  • Let go of the illusion that we have control even when we are on the ground.
  • Look out the window and marvel at the earth, the views and the ability we have to travel.
  • Focus on the joy of reaching your destination and the uninterrupted time for yourself.

Overcoming our fears isn't easy, but the strength gained is worth the work.

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Elisa Schmitz
I am a nervous flyer, too, Sheri B Doyle . Thank you for these amazing tips. Very helpful!! xoxo
Thanks for the advice. 🙏🏼

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