Dream Vacations: Why You Shouldn't Wait for the Perfect Time or Enough Money by Kim Kusiciel

Dream Vacations: Why You Shouldn't Wait for the Perfect Time or Enough Money

I have had a turbulent year of ups and downs due to my BRCA 2 gene mutation. If there is anything this BRCA journey has taught me it’s to NOT put off the things that you really want in life. Don’t wait to take your dream vacation. Find a way to make it happen! 

If money is the problem:

  • Hustle and make the extra money to afford it by having a garage sale or side jobs.
  • Find deals online for hotels, flights, restaurants and entertainment. Always check Groupon for deals.
  • Save money by reducing your costs when it comes to food, eating out, coffee habits and use discount apps like Retail Me Not.

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If time is the problem:

  • Pause your life. I promise it will catch up to you.
  • Pull the kids out of school. As a teacher, I can tell you that we value the special experiences you make with your kids far more than what they are missing in school. Teachers are more than likely willing to work with you.
  • Get time off ahead of time so your employer and coworkers can support you.

Remember, treat yourself how you’d treat your best friend – if you’d tell her to go on the trip, then you should, too!

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Donna John
Love the way you think, Kim Kusiciel ! When we wait for the "perfect" time it sometimes never happens. Thanks for sharing.
Kelli Porcaro
i needed to read this today Kim Kusiciel . thank you!!
Mike Prochaska
Groupon deals are awesome
Fiona Whiley
So very true! Can also consider staying in a hostel instead of a hotel, which can make a dramatic difference to accommodation costs.

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