Expert Q&A: Pregnancy Diet Questions: 5 Ways to Eat Healthy for Your New Year Pregnancy by Dr. Alan Lindemann

Expert Q&A Eating for Two
11 months ago
Expert Q&A: Pregnancy Diet Questions: 5 Ways to Eat Healthy for Your New Year Pregnancy

New Year’s diets are off the table for those who are pregnant. Here are five common questions about eating for two during pregnancy so moms-to-be can start the new year off right.

Q. What kind of diet helps control morning sickness?

Eat a balanced diet with equal parts protein, fat and carbohydrates. This is not a time for low-carb or specialized diets.

Q. How do I eat for two, three, four or five babies?

The usual expected weight gain for a single baby is 30 pounds – no less than that. Nobody really knows the optimum weight gain for twins, triplets or quadruplets. Stay in touch with your doctor and monitor your weight as your pregnancy progresses.

Q. What do I do about food cravings?

For the most part, eat what you crave. The old ice cream and pickles tradition isn't really so bad for pregnant women. The ice cream includes all the food groups: protein, carbs and fat (avoid low-fat ice cream). Pickles might supply electrolytes that the ice cream doesn't.

Q. What if I'm hungry all the time?

Try to eat food that is good for you. Fruit (pears, apples oranges, bananas, grapes), cottage cheese, eggs and nuts are all good choices. Avoid processed cheeses (Velveeta, spray cheese).

Q. What if I'm not hungry at all?

Especially during the first trimester, low blood sugar can cause problems, from nausea to not feeling like eating. When you wake up in the morning, eat a couple of crackers and drink some water or juice, then lay back down in bed and let the food get into your system. When you do get up, you should feel more like eating. That's the time to eat a small amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

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Incredibly helpful, thanks! 🙏🏼
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Awesome answers, Dr. Alan Lindemann . I remember craving turkey sandwiches and lemonade during my first pregnancy. Could not get enough, so I guess my body needed whatever nutrients are in those, LOL!

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