5 Ways to Get Dad More Involved in Parenting That Beautiful New Baby Baby Dads

Want Dad more involved with the baby? Most new dads are a llittle apprehensive about handling a newborn and baby care. But you can help! Here are five tips! 

  • Give Dad a special job: swaddler, bottle feeder, bath giver. Involve him in daily activities from the start.
  • Give Dad time to figure it out: Let Dad find his own way to soothe Baby. He may discover a better way!
  • Stop interfering: Once Dad figures out his special way of doing things, let him enjoy it. No nit-picking, hovering or criticizing. 
  • Leave Dad alone with Baby: Get a manicure or meet a friend for lunch. 
  • Ask for help: He can't read your mind. Let Dad know what you need from him!

Dad will be a baby pro in no time! 

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