Packing for College: How to Save Space When Moving Kids Into Their College Dorms! School/Education

If you're planning a move – whether to a new home or simply to send your kid off to college – you may be frustrated by how much space certain things take up in your luggage, car or moving van. It's amazing how things like comforters, sweatshirts, etc., eat away at the room you have available.

I discovered space-saving bags that you vacuum the air out of, making everything a fraction of their original size! The vacuum effect compacts a huge comforter to the size of a pancake! It's great for clothes and sheets, and even that bulky mattress pad. Happy packing! 

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Donna John
Great idea, Kathleen Braasch . I remember moving my kids into their dorm rooms. Took all day to get all those boxes up at least three flights of stairs. Always at the top! Thanks for sharing this just in the nick of time!
Elisa Schmitz
We just started packing up our three first-year college students! Thanks for the great tip, Kathleen Braasch ! xoxo
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