Kids Watching YouTube Videos: How to Keep Your Children Safe While on Tech Devices Parenting Tech

There are debates about how much screen time is OK for a child. Today, children are exposed to TV, tablets and phones even more. All of these devices that run on Android systems come with YouTube built in and Apple products also offer these apps. 

It’s essential that parents remain diligent in recognizing and understand some inherent risks with these video players.

  • Set up parental controls. Plain and simple, there’s no excuse not to. It may seem like an inconvenience, especially if it’s your phone and you also enjoy YouTube, but it’s far better than letting your child be inadvertently exposed to sexual, violent or vulgar content.
  • Download YouTube Kids. This is far safer than the regular YouTube channels and you can even disable the search option on this app.

There are many threats in the online world for kids these days. For more ways to keep your child safe on YouTube, visit KLASchools.

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Julie Rose
Good ideas, thanks.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
So much more media consumption during this pandemic. Thank you for the tips for keeping kids safer, KLA Schools of Naperville !
Albert Fouerti
Thanks For Sharing
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