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4 years ago

Parents of college freshmen are getting ready to make the journey to leave their "babies" on campuses across the country, unpack their belongings in a new room, make a new bed and hug them goodbye. They're entrusting their children to people they don't know. But rest assured, they are leaving them in good hands.

Campus staff often love their students like they are their own kids, truly believing in the value of higher education. Most get little sleep during the academic year, because like parents, they're up late nights worrying about the kids. Are they sleeping? Did they attend that hall program? Are they striving academically? Did they make new friends? Are they making good choices? They worry about the same things parents do.

The good news is that the staff is right there, with them. They encourage their students to attend programs and introduce them to people in the dining hall. They walk them to the counseling center and look over their essays. They let them cry in their offices and they cheer for them from the sidelines when they score the goal. Students are in good, caring, capable hands. Parents, you can do this (and your children can, too). 

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Jessica Acree
How sweet of you!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Dieter Schmitz and I have six kids in college. You have no idea how much this means. Thank you so much! 💗
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