My First Mother's Day Without Mom Is Still Very Much Worth Celebrating Holidays Motherhood Tip of the Day

My mom died just before Christmas. It was a very peaceful and classy exit (befitting a very classy lady) and she wasn't sick for very long.

As Sunday approaches, I am missing the anticipation of our annual Mother's Day ladies lunch. After lunch, we usually would hit the department store for new perfume or makeup, and that was always fun, too. And not just because she always insisted on paying. 

So this year, while I certainly plan to celebrate the memory of my mom, I'm not going to spend a lot of time grieving. She wouldn't want that. Instead, she would want me to reap the benefits of a holiday that's mine too, by spending time with my boys, even if I have to cajole them into it.

Who knows? Maybe I can even talk them into a nice lunch. Probably not the makeup counter, though!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so beautiful, Belinda Lichty Clarke . Your mom was a very special lady, as are you. I'm sorry for your loss. I love your perspective on your first Mother's Day without her. Your boys are so handsome, as is your dad in that great photo. And, you and your mom and beautiful! HUGS! xoxo
Kris Kahle
Beautiful post. Your mom was amazing and now you are carrying the torch with your incredible sons.
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