Millennial (Half) Minute: Job Interview Tips for Your Millennial Parenting

Leslie Levine
6 years ago

One of the hardest things to not do is offer your millennial son or daughter job interviewing advice. Short of leaving notes under their pillows (weird) or texting (annoying) giving them your hard-won good counsel can be dicey. But sharing someone else’s wisdom, especially a savvy business owner/entrepreneur, may be more palatable for everyone. Here’s some great advice from Orly Telisman, founder of Orly Telisman Public Relations:

  • Do your research. “We know you’re interviewing with other companies, but while you’re interviewing with us make sure we know you’ve read up on our work and know what we do," says Telisman.
  • Ask pointed questions. “Don’t feel obligated to ask one question after another. Instead, pose a few to demonstrate your interest.”
  • Come to the interview with new ideas. “We aim to bring on people who make us think about things differently. We want to know how you problem solve.”
  • Know the difference between communicating on social media versus a face-to-face job interview. “Talking about yourself on social media is fine, but too much of that in a job interview is off-putting. Remember, a job interview is a two-way conversation.”
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Elisa Schmitz
Such great advice, for millennials or anyone looking for a job these days. Thank you for the great interview with this wonderful Chicago-based entrepreneur, Leslie Levine ! 👍
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