Get Organized for Back to School: How to Build a DIY Home Command Center! DIY

Holly Budde
6 years ago

I'm sure you've seen them: Pinterest-worthy command centers showing up in your non-pinworthy chaotic life of mom taxis and hurried schedules. This year before school started, I decided to take the blank wall between kids' rooms and see if I could make it work. For less than $50, we have a command center. 

  • Wire baskets for papers to be signed by me and returned
  • Hooks for backpacks and jackets
  • Cork tiles for memos
  • Calendar

Hopefully, one central location to keep us organized. I added a world map to fill the wall space and keep it studious. 

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Meredith Schneider
Oh Holly Budde ,this is perfect! I so want to be more organized this school year.
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