Not Just Fun & Games: 8 Reasons You'll Be Glad Your Child Plays Sports! by Janis Meredith

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4 years ago
Not Just Fun & Games: 8 Reasons You'll Be Glad Your Child Plays Sports!

When your children are adults, you will see why letting them play sports when they were kids was so worthwhile. Here's what I think are the top eight advantages!

  1. He learns to deal with difficult people. 
  2. She sees how to get a job done under pressure. 
  3. He understands not to give up on a goal. 
  4. She ignores naysayers. 
  5. He understands his boss (like the coach). 
  6. She expresses what she needs and wants. 
  7. He has patience with people who can’t keep up with him. 
  8. Most importantly, she realizes that she is defined by who she is, not by what she does.

I could probably go on and on and on...

Donna John
Couldn't agree more, Janis Meredith! All three of my kids played sports when they were young - baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, track. They learn so much! Thanks for the reminder.

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