Spring Herb Gardens: How to Grow & Dry Your Own Fresh Herbs by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

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5 years ago

Spring Herb Gardens: How to Grow & Dry Your Own Fresh Herbs

I love growing an herb garden. Many are perennial and require little care. One of the best things about herbs is drying the leaves and using them throughout the year.

If you're new to herb gardening, consider growing basil, sage and rosemary. They are hardy and easy to use fresh. They grow quickly so when you trim the leaves, you can dry them and save them for winter or use as gifts. Drying the leaves is easy:

  • Harvest the leaves.
  • Set the herbs on parchment paper until the moisture is gone.
  • Store dried leaves in empty spice jars.

Use them yourself or give as economical gifts! Simply delicious!

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