Praise Vs. Encouragement: Just Say No to Narcissists & Hello to Self-confident Kids! by Dr. Christina Hibbert

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5 years ago

As a mom of six, I want to raise self-confident kids; but as a psychologist, I know there's a difference between praising kids and encouraging them. 

  • Praise focuses on the outcome. "Wow! What a great job you did!" It's giving positive feedback about a result. But, overpraising is popular these days, and too many kids expect praise about everything they do. 
  • Encouragement, on the other hand, focuses on the effort. "You worked so hard on that!" It's positive feedback about the process; the work it takes to stick with something. Encourage your kids; it will teach them hard work and self-confidence!

Read more about the affects of over-praising kids.

Dieter Schmitz
Encouragement is a power tool!
Mike Prochaska
Love this and let them fail so
They learn how to get back up.

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