Money Talk: ​5 Ways You Can Use Language to Shape Your Wealth & Relationship With Money by Ken Honda

2 years ago

Money Talk: ​5 Ways You Can Use Language to Shape Your Wealth & Relationship With Money

We often want to believe that wealth is the result of the work that we do. Don’t we get paid because we’ve performed according to our job description? If we study hard, we’ll become high-earning lawyers, right? Actually, it’s who we are – both inside and outside of our jobs – that shapes our wealth, not just what we do.

Here are five ways to use language to shape your relationship with money:

1. Give Thanks for What Goes In and What Goes Out

Say thank you when receiving and giving money. If you appreciate money, money will appreciate you back. Appreciate what comes into your life and appreciate what’s leaving your life. Appreciate your partners, appreciate your jobs. If you no longer have your job, it’s because your job was not in sync with you. That’s why the job left you. It’s not that you’re ditched by the job. You are apart because you don’t have a relationship anymore. So appreciate what leaves your life. That is the answer. Thank your job because it left you, and also for opening up space in your life for a new opportunity to come in.

2. Don't Scold Others for How They Use Money

It’s easy to judge others for how they spend money, but these negative words just create a bad relationship with money. We want to have Happy Money. Every person is at a different stage of their learning process, and we are all allowed to make mistakes. Nurture a positive relationship with money by refraining from chastising children and other family members for their spending. Judging others can often mean we’re ashamed of something similar we’ve done ourselves, so when you catch yourself about to scold someone else, consider where judgement is appearing in your own life. Be kind to yourself and to others.

3. Use Positive Words When Speaking About the Future

Don’t let yourself fall into a pattern of constantly expressing worries about your future finances. Instead, acknowledge your worry, then express gratitude for what you have now. Learn to have faith in money and to have faith in yourself. When you find yourself worrying about money, you can shift to saying “Thank you, money, for being in my life.” This will raise your energetic vibration very quickly, so that you attract more opportunities.

4. Share Your Experiences With Others

When you have had success, don’t keep your methods to yourself. Share how you accomplished what you did. Nurture others so that they can achieve their goals, too. Helping people achieve their dreams doesn’t diminish your accomplishments; it expands them.

5. If You Lose a Job, Keep Supporting Other People

If you lose a job, instead of letting yourself be consumed by your fears, focus on having compassion for others. You will not be able to worry about your future if you are investing your time and energy in helping other people. You will create a loving energy and others will support you.

If you can create a positive flow of money energy, you won’t have to worry about money. I’m not afraid of losing everything financially, because I have so many friends who are going to offer support, in one way or another, that I will be taken care of.

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Elisa Schmitz
Such a positive way to think about money. Thank you for all you share with us, Ken Honda !
Attitude of gratitude. 🙏🏼

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