Major Career Shifts: Is Now a Good Time to Change Jobs or Start Your Own Business? by Ken Honda

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4 months ago
Major Career Shifts: Is Now a Good Time to Change Jobs or Start Your Own Business?

The pandemic has prompted people around the world to rethink what’s important to them and re-evaluate their lives. Many are reconsidering their careers in an effort to create more happiness for themselves.

How do we know when it’s time to shift to a new profession or start a brand-new business? And how do we successfully make those changes?

Using Your Intuition to Make Big Career Shifts

  • Your intuition has the answer. You have to know how to connect with your intuition to find your own answers. Your intuition is pointing you towards a "yes" if you feel positive, excited, and happy about your (potential) decision, and a "no" if you feel negative, unsettled or uncertain. Intuition is a talent, but it’s also a muscle you can improve and strengthen over time.
  • Take action today. Your intuition will guide you in the right direction, but it won't magically do everything for you. You have to take action, even in tiny steps, as much as possible.

Deciding Whether to Start a New Business

  • Serving Others: You are ready to start your own business when you have successfully answered the question, “How can I best be of service to others?” Combining your talents and passions with a service or product you can give your heart to is the perfect place to start.
  • Progress Is Made With Small Steps: If you're currently working at a job and want to start your own business, it isn't necessary to quit suddenly and transition from 0 to 100 in one day. Start with small steps each day in your free time.
  • Find a Mentor: If possible, find a mentor in the field that you hope to start your business in. Make sure your mentor is happy in both their work and their private lives.

Post-pandemic Job Changes

  • What are your goals? Ask yourself, “Is my current job leading me toward my goals?” If the answer is yes, you are happy with the work, and you connect well with the people involved, it may not be time to move on. But if the answer is no, then it’s time to open yourself to new opportunities.
  • Make changes before life forces you to make a decision. If you have a gut intuitive feeling that you want to change jobs but lack the courage to make a change, life has a way of making that decision for you. You might get a job offer out of nowhere, or conversely, be put in an uncomfortable position that makes quitting necessary.
  • Consider more than just the money. If you're changing jobs to earn more money, consider if you love the work you'll be doing at the new job. Money is essential but unless you have absolutely no choice, you should never do a job you hate for the money to pay rent.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Such great advice, Ken Honda . And it comes at such an important time as more people need to pivot after the pandemic economic destruction. Thank you for all you share with us, so helpful!
Always appreciate your tips. 🙏🏼

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