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2 years ago
The Givefluence Network: ​Change the World & Change Yourself With Giving

Some people choose certain ways of eating or exercising to maintain the lifestyle they want. The Givefluencer Network invites you to make giving your way of life and watch how it transforms not only those you serve, but your own life as well.

“When we started our office supply company,” says Niki, “John and I discovered that most other companies were gifting customers candy every time they made ink and toner cartridge purchases. Instead of falling in line with that, we thought, ‘Hey, let’s help the homeless instead.’ Now when people purchase our products, they’re helping those who need it most. We’re offering an essential product that’s helping people run their business as we empower them to be giving while making a living. We call it Project Pop Drop.”

Every month, Niki and John are #givefluencers through Project Pop Drop:

  • They bring food, clothing, blankets, toiletries, toys and lifesaving supplies to local shelters and organizations to assist people experiencing homelessness.
  • They do this all year long – not just on the usual giving holidays!

“It’s as simple as this: the last Saturday of the month, our company gives back,” says John. “Step by step we made the commitment, reserved a portion of our sales, and locked ourselves into a pattern of monthly giving that happens automatically. And we don’t just do it in-house; we partner with our customers, local schools, and other businesses as well. We call it the social responsibility system.”

Project Pop Drop received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the White House, along with a gold medal of honor, for their work in 2020.

See a #Givefluencer, Be a #Givefluencer

Want another creative way to be a #givefluencer? Ken Honda, author of Happy Money, invites people to think about the role acknowledgment can play as the “currency” in our lives. The more we acknowledge others’ good work, the more we amplify it in our own lives and communities.

If you notice someone giving their time, money or effort toward helping others:

  • Acknowledge them in a meaningful way, whether through a financial gift to support their good work, a personal note of thanks or public appreciation that boosts their efforts.
  • Build impact by taking inspired action and becoming a #givefluencer yourself.

“I’ve decided to make a deliberate habit of congratulating those who are doing good in the world,” Ken says. “Like the other day, about 300 cars got stuck due to a snowstorm, which doesn't happen too often here in Japan. So this ramen noodle shop owner decided to give away 300 bowls of noodles and rice. He cooked all night with his three staff members and served the 300 drivers who were stuck on the roadway. Somebody like that should be awarded a medal. So I designed a special Happy Money medal and awarded it to him.”

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Michelle Tennant, MA
I'm inspired! And it's #RandomActsOfKindnessDay today
This is wonderful! Kindness matters. 🙏🏼
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
How awesome is this? Kindness is so important, now more than ever. Thank you for shining a light on giving and kindness, Ken Honda ! Donna John Michelle Tennant, MA
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