How to Vote By Mail in the 2020 Election: 5 Steps to Help Make Sure Your Mail-in Ballot Counts by 30Seconds Mom

How to Vote By Mail in the 2020 Election: 5 Steps to Help Make Sure Your Mail-in Ballot Counts

The coronavirus pandemic is going to make the 2020 election different than any election before it. Mail-in voting has been pushed to the forefront of the election news, but in reality, mail-in voting is easy. If you've decided to vote by mail, here are five steps to make sure it goes smoothly and that your vote counts:

  • Register to Vote! You cannot vote in person or with a mail-in ballot if you are not registered to vote in your state. Registering to vote is easy at
  • Request a Mail-in Ballot: To vote by mail, you will need to request an absentee ballot. For most, it's simply filling out a form online, but each state is different.
  • Fill Out the Ballot: This is important. Take time and fill out the form correctly, and that includes your signature. Don't scribble your signature like you do on those credit card machines sign like you would a personal check.
  • Mail the Ballot: Once filled out, don't let your ballot get lost in that pile of mail by the sink. Drive the ballot to the post office and get it on its way to be counted. In some states, you may be able to track your ballot online and some states will have drop-off ballot locations. Here information on how to vote by mail in every state.
  • Pat Yourself on the Back: Once your mail-in ballot has been filled out and properly mailed back, know that you are making a difference and doing your part. Check in with friends and family who haven't voted and see if they need help getting their ballots in the mail or to a polling location on November 3.

"For this Nation to remain true to its principles, we cannot allow any American's vote to be denied, diluted, or defiled. The right to vote is the crown jewel of American liberties, and we will not see its luster diminished." Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States

Have you voted by mail? Tell us about your experience below.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so very helpful. I just confirmed I'm registered to vote and requested my absentee ballot. I have never voted by mail before, so I am hoping it goes smoothly. Thank you for this great info!
Just did this, thanks. 📩🗳
Mike Prochaska
I want to vote In person! For me if about my kids seeing me vote! I want them to know it important by seeing me do it.

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