​#SpreadtheGoodwill: One Writer’s Exercise in Creativity & Generosity by Terri Kendrick

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4 years ago

​#SpreadtheGoodwill: One Writer’s Exercise in Creativity & Generosity

Back in September, I heard a local artist speak about creating different versions of the same thing every single day for an entire year (in his case, it was a skull). Instead of leading to stale work and redundancy, he claimed that this project actually heightened his creativity. I left that talk with my head swimming with ideas for my own daily exercise in creativity.

The result is #SpreadtheGoodwill. While other people are decorating, shopping and making the rounds of holiday parties, I’ve been spending a good part of December writing about nonprofits in Richmond, Va., and posting a story a day from November 28 (the day after  Giving Tuesday) through Christmas Day. I’ve also involved the community by asking them to recommend nonprofits and then help me share the stories to increase the “spread” of these stories.

#SpreadtheGoodwill is like an advent calendar of goodwill. My goal is for people to open their Facebook feeds every day until Christmas and read about the impact that a local nonprofit – maybe one they’ve never heard of – is making.

This passion project has been more work than I imagined. However, it’s introduced me to a layer of Richmond with which I was only slightly acquainted (despite volunteering and donating), but I now recognize as the bedrock of the community!

If you have some time on your hands and a drive to do good, try a daily nonprofit project of your own. #SpreadtheGoodwill has not only honed my story-writing skills, but it’s also given my talent meaning and purpose. And that’s worth every second!

To read my stories, visit my Facebook page or WordPlayCreative.com.

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Elisa Schmitz
How fantastic, Terri Jones ! I love that you are doing this! #SpreadtheGoodwill
Ann Marie Patitucci
What a wonderful thing you’re doing, Terri Jones ! Thanks for bringing awareness to so many non-profits!

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