Dear Fortnite: You May Have Invaded My Summer, But Step Back From My Kids' Morning To-Do List! by Kelly Rich

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5 years ago

Dear Fortnite: You May Have Invaded My Summer, But Step Back From My Kids' Morning To-Do List!

Today is the first day of school for my 10- and 9-year-old boys. It’s has been a bittersweet morning. Nervous stomach at the thought of new teachers, new hallways to rush down to make it on time to the next class and who they're going to sit with at lunch.

There's a little sadness that another school year has begun. The boys are in separate schools and won't be able to see one another randomly during the day period, but there’s excitement about their new teachers, backpacks and getting to sit anywhere at lunch because, "I'm not in elementary anymore."

This mom's excitement is: no more Fortnite!! No more arguing over whose turn it is! Setting a timer because this ridiculous game is not a split-screen, two-player game! No more, "Mom, we need new skins, backpacks…" and crap that require me to spend more money. Boo, hiss!

As my boys are getting ready for school this morning, they are also excited about the checklist I have prepared for them the night before. (There's just something about checking off items and it works!) It keeps my "Hurry up, don't forget, focus!!!" sanity in check. Last year, they would get a star each day for a completed list and a prize at the end of the week. They loved it! This morning, as they both checked marked each "to do," the question was popped, "Mom, can we play "fartnite" (as their dad calls it) after we check everything off?” "Mom, can we get the bucks (or whatever they're called) as a reward for checking everything off the list?"

Very, very, long and deep sigh. With an even longer moment of silence. (There is a special GIF for the look on my face at that moment!) So, my long-awaited, anticipated response was, “Let me think about it.”

Freaking Fortnite. I did so good not being suckered into your stupid bucks purchasing this summer! However, this momma battle hasn't been won … yet. (I'm still thinking about it!)

What would be cool is a skin of a hairstylist with purple hair, and scissors and combs as the weapons. Oh, the damage that could be done!

Happy first day back to school!

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Donna John
Dylan plays Fortnite, too, Kelly Rich . Yes, Dill Pickle is obsessed. Stay strong, my friend! Thanks for sharing this with the tribe ... and welcome!
Elisa Schmitz
This is great! So many parents can relate to this. And, I love your white board lists. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this with us, Kelly Rich . So excited to read more from you!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Love this. Stay strong, mama! Down with Fartnite! :) Welcome, Kelly Rich !
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
I have no idea what that is, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the checklist. I often suggest that as a strategy for executive function skill development! Incentives are important though...I mean would you work if you didn't get paid?

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