Beat Back-to-School Stress: How to ​Be Your Best Back-to-School Self With R.A.I.N. by Julie Potiker

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5 years ago

Beat Back-to-School Stress: How to ​Be Your Best Back-to-School Self With R.A.I.N.

Back-to-school planning, shopping, bills, errands, etc., can have parents feeling like they’re at the end of their rope. Here's a simple solution to call upon anytime the busyness threatens to spill over into emotional chaos: R.A.I.N.

R = Recognize your feeling and name it . “Oh, that’s overwhelm. I’m feeling frustrated. I feel upset.”

A = Allow your feeling to be there without judging it.

I = Investigate gently with curiosity why this feeling is there.

N = Nourish yourself. What do you need give yourself or hear or do right now to make yourself feel better?

Stepping back for a moment from what you’re feeling to observe it instead of being stuck in it can enable us to handle even the most stressful moments.

BONUS: Change the channel by popping in a positive mental state from a memory. Really feel that goodness for a breath or two to transform it from a mental state to a neural trait. Rewire your brain for more happiness and resilience.

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Donna John
Bringing mindfulness into going back to school. Love it, Julie Potiker . Great tips here! Let it R.A.I.N.!
Elisa Schmitz
Excellent tips, as always, Julie Potiker ! So needed at this time of year.
Great tips. 💗
This is so helpful. 🙏

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