Save the Bees! 5 Ways You Can Help These Essential Pollinators Thrive by Jessica Acree

Save the Bees! 5 Ways You Can Help These Essential Pollinators Thrive

"If bees were to disappear from the face of the Earth, humans would have just four years to live." The startling claim, recently made by a fan page dedicated to British naturalist Sir David Attenborough, has shined a spotlight on the dwindling population of bees worldwide.

The social media post has created quite a buzz about the well-documented problem. Their suggestion? Put a spoonful of sugar water in your yard or garden to give them a re-energizing sip that fuels their critical work of pollination.

"Simply mix 2 tablespoons of white, granulated sugar with 1 tablespoon of water, and place on a spoon for the bee to reach."

The comment sparked an instant #savethebees effort with posts shared online. It’s a practice used by some beekeepers to hydrate the bees or even stimulate certain behaviors. It's a fun idea, but it got us thinking ... what else can we do? Here are some other ways you can help bees thrive:

  • Plant native wildflowers or flowering shrubs. They're a rich food source for pollinators, gardens are, too!
  • Let the dandelions live! Their pollen is easily accessible and long lasting even if they decorate your yard in yellow polka-dots.
  • Support local, organic farms. Buy fruits and veggies from your community farmer's market. Healthy crops fuel better bee health. Many vendors sell raw, fresh honey, too!
  • Build or create a bee house. Make it an educational experience for your family. The simple structures provide protection for young bees.
  • Share your #savethebees efforts with 30Seconds. We'd love to see how you're joining the movement to keep these little amazing little creatures happy and healthy.

Get more bee-saving tips at and learn how to build a bee house!

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Donna John
This post made me smile. I'm all for #savethebees. Our palm trees are blooming right now and we have literally hundreds of bees on them at one time throughout the day. It's crazy to watch. My husband wants to cut them off, but I won't let him until they're done blooming. Will have to see how the sugar and spoon method works after the blooms start to fade. Great post, Jessica Acree . (About to order that Save the Bees T-shirt, too, at the bottom of the post!)
Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Jessica Acree ! My daughter was the assistant to a master beekeeper during one of her high school summers. She learned so much about bees and honey, etc. They are essential to our environment. Thank you for sharing this. Let's all help #savethebees!!
Donna John
I've never seen a bee house in a store, ever, and today after publishing this we saw one at Costco. Perfect timing with all the bees in my yard right now. #savethebees
Jessica Acree
Oh my gosh... how funny! It was meant to beeeeee ;-) You'll have to report back after getting it up!
Mike Prochaska
Wow never knew bees were so important.
Sheri B Doyle
Thank you for posting this! It has been a crusade of mine for years. Three years ago friends of mine decided they wanted to do something but lived in a brownstone in the city so they couldn't plant a bee garden so they found a local beekeeper who put hives in their yard and he comes and maintains them and they get to keep some of the honey!
Jessica Acree
That is so cool! It would be a neat process to be part of :) That makes me wonder how Donna John‘s bee house (above) is doing?!
Donna John
No bees yet. Think it takes some time. Still hopeful!

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