Adventure Playgrounds: Where Children Play & Adults Stay Away! by Renee

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4 years ago
Adventure Playgrounds: Where Children Play & Adults Stay Away!

What playground does not allow adults? An adventure playground! An adventure playground is a space where children have complete control over how the space is built, altered and enhanced. They embrace the theory that free, unstructured play is important for children. They offer a safe space where children can self-organize, problem solve and act on play impulses without adult interference. The playground if filled with materials and tools such as nails, hammers and saws, paint, tires, wood, fabrics and more for children to build, destroy and explore.

It might make some adults uneasy that they are not allowed to hover and direct their children while playing, but don’t worry, they are staffed by trained “playworkers.” Playworkers are essentially the lifeguards of the playground. They only enter the play when requested or required. To enter these playgrounds, children must be 6 years old, have closed-toe shoes and have a signed waiver. That should make most parents feel better! There are only a few adventure playgrounds in the country.

If an adventure playground were to open near you, would you allow your child to visit and play or is this type of playground a little too risky?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
How fun! My kids would have loved this and I absolutely would have let them do it. Thank you for sharing, Renee Herren !
Ann Marie Patitucci
So fun! I want to be a playworker when I grow up! Thanks for filling us in, Renee Herren !
Mike Prochaska
I talked to a lot of playworkers online it seems like such an awesome job

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