#30Seconds Live: Minneapolis Meetup With Heather Holter, "Maxed Out Minivan" Mama! by Elisa Schmitz

One of the best parts about 30Seconds is meeting our amazing tribe members in real life (IRL). After interacting with them on the site and through social media, and enjoying their great tips, getting together in person seems like a natural next step in the relationship.

Today, I'm excited to be in Minneapolis, where I met up with our new contributor Heather Holter! Heather, whose blog is called Maxed Out Minivan because she's a work-at-home mom of five kids (!!!!!) ages 9-15, has only been contributing to 30Seconds for a few months, but has already racked up almost 20 great tips and recipes on our site!

"Right now on the blog, I have an ongoing guest post written by an anonymous writer about her Journey with DCIS Stage 0 breast cancer," Heather says. "It is titled 'Broken Beautiful' and is 13 posts so far. Next post coming this week." Check it out!

Watch this fun interview with Heather that we shot at ModernWell in Minneapolis, founded by Julie Burton. (You can watch our interview with Julie, too!) 

Elisa Schmitz
This was so much fun today, Heather Holter ! Thank you for making the trip and for sharing your story with us! :-)
Elisa Schmitz
I love your recap on your blog, Heather Holter ! Thank you for sharing our fun day with your readers. Hope we can do it again sometime! :-) Julie Burton

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