Write a Letter: Grab a Pen & Let's Revive the Lost Art of Snail Mail! by Jessica Acree

Write a Letter: Grab a Pen & Let's Revive the Lost Art of Snail Mail!

Discovering a personal card or letter in the mailbox among the bills, sale ads and junk mail always brings an instant smile to my face. There is such joy in knowing someone took the time to think of you outside of sending a quick text or email. In this digital age, a hand-written note is really something to be treasured.

My Grandma Sylvia loves sending letters at random. I save all of them. Sometimes she'll talk about seeing a bunny in the yard. Other times she'll share insight about raising babies and the joy of family. She even sends separate letters to my daughter now, which is so sweet and thoughtful. I adore the hurried little pitter-patter of her feet when I say, "Amelia, you have mail!" like she can't get to me fast enough.

April was National Card and Letter Writing Month. In the shadow of that and in honor of my grandma's lovely small acts of kindness, I am challenging myself to follow her lead and write a note a day throughout the month of May. It doesn't have to be profound or done with perfect penmanship, just a simple, unexpected hello can change someone’s entire outlook and maybe they’ll even pay it forward, too.

Will you join me?

"Dear Grandma..."

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Tanya Kuzmanovic
I still do this . . . as do my kids . . . nothing beats a hand-written note or letter!
Jessica Acree
Yes! So wonderful! I love that you passed the tradition on down to your kids too... I really hope my daughter takes to it over the years. It's such a special and personal thing!

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