Teen Drivers: Grownups, Before You Honk That Horn Again Read This! by Carrie John

Teen Drivers: Grownups, Before You Honk That Horn Again Read This!

My daughter pointed out that "grownups" always criticize teen drivers. But every time she has been put in an uncomfortable position while she's driving, it's because there's an adult honking at her or speeding past her. She's just doing what I've taught her to do: drive safe and methodical.

  • Just remember the next time you honk at someone in front of you because they didn't shoot across a four-lane road fast enough for you, it could be a young new driver who was taught that you go when you're 100 percent sure it's safe to cross.
  • Just remember the next time you're tailgating someone with your lights blinding them in their rear-view mirror, it could be a young, new driver who already feels nervous about his or her new life skill.

Sometimes a "seasoned" driver can be more dangerous than a new driver who is just trying to drive safe and get home safe. Don't be an adult bully driver!

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Julie Rose
So true, good points
Elisa Schmitz
I love this! Carrie John , you are so right. Road rage is real! We all just need to chill out. I love those "New Driver" or "Teen Driver" stickers. They really do make me more aware that there's an inexperienced driver on the road and I am more careful, too. Thank you for sharing, and welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. Can't wait to read more from you!
Nicole DeAvilla
Great advice! It’s so true. Welcome to the tribe Carrie John

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