Encouraging Kids' Curiosity: How to Create an "I Wonder" Wall in 3 Easy Steps! by DoingGoodTogether

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a year ago
Encouraging Kids' Curiosity: How to Create an "I Wonder" Wall in 3 Easy Steps!

Nurture your family's curiosity with two little words: "I Wonder." If your kids are like most, they tend to ask the weightiest or most imaginative questions just as dinner is about to burn. For times like this, create an "I Wonder" wall to store those big ideas until you have time to explore them. Here’s how:

  1. Sponge paint a brick pattern onto a piece of poster board.
  2. Write "I Wonder..." at the top or print DoingGoodTogether.org's printable sign.
  3. Hang your sign in a highly trafficked place and set Post-it notes and a pen nearby.

Invite your family to add questions as they come up. Research and discuss the answers to your questions periodically, whether during family dinner, over Saturday morning coffee or whenever you finally have a little downtime together.

Whether you're discussing the possibility of time travel, where earthquakes come from, a thought-provoking new book or the latest headlines, these curious conversations will help you raise thoughtful kids.

Learn more about wonder walls at DoingGoodTogether.org.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This makes me so happy! I love encouraging creativity in kids. Thank you, DoingGoodTogether ! Sarah Aadland
Sarah Aadland
Right! My son has already filled the wall with sticky notes reading "How did the big bang get started?" "Why can't mules have babies?" and "How can we give books to a library in another country?" ... we have lots to be curius about! He makes it fun to work for DoingGoodTogether

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