Forgetting Things, Mom? Why You Should Take Notes, Notes & More Notes! by Charlene Torkelson

6 years ago

Forgetting Things, Mom? Why You Should Take Notes, Notes & More Notes!

We forget things. Due to busy schedules, we have times when we can’t recall ideas. They disappear. Here’s a thought – take notes. Jot it down. A list ensures quick success in completing tasks.

Grab paper as you walk out the door. Tucked into a pocket, this allows more organization. At day’s end, it feels good to complete your list! A shopping list not only means we won’t forget items, discovered when at home, but saves us from buying items we don’t need.

As a new mom, my schedule became a bit more relaxed – not stress-free relaxed, but loose and unstructured relaxed. I was asking each day if I completed anything. The difference in a career schedule and a parenting schedule is not always seeing what was accomplished. I began to write down goals, and was able to check off items, feeling a sense of productivity I hadn’t had before. It put a smile on my face rather than an urge to burst into tears.

Notebooks are great for making lists and jotting down ideas and phrases. One word can make a big difference in your day and your life. Today I wrote, “Negative thoughts will not be tenants in my mind.”

What did you write down?

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Donna John
Yes! I keep a small notepad in my purse at all times. It's full of random thoughts, lists, ideas, etc. I also text things to myself. I went through that text stream a few days ago and it made me laugh. Some of the older ones I forgot what I meant. :-) Welcome to the tribe, Charlene Torkelson ! It's so great to see a face from the iParenting days!
Charlene Torkelson
I love working with you again! Thank you for contacting me.
Elisa Schmitz
YES! I take notes a lot - on my phone (since I always have it with me). That way, I also can email it to myself, etc. Great tip. So great to have you as part of our tribe (again), Charlene Torkelson ! Welcome back!!
Mike Prochaska
I always forget the notes!

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