Moms Demand Action & Gun Violence in America: Are YOU Ready to Take Action? by AJ Rogers

Moms Demand Action & Gun Violence in America: Are YOU Ready to Take Action?

There was another school shooting. Let's pause for a moment before we continue. Other than the words "school" and "shooting," what's wrong with the sentence above?

The word "another."

Yes, our country had another school shooting. According to non-profit organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, a total of 65 shootings have occurred on school campuses across the United States as of October 4, 2018. When will it end? What will the count be at the end of this year? This has to stop. We have to do something ... but what?

In my quest for more information and how I can contribute to something better, maybe help in some small way, I stumbled across the Twitter feed of Shannon Watts. She is the Founder of Moms Demand Action, a grassroots movement with an army of Everytown working to end gun violence. Wow! Her Twitter feed was blazing with tweet after tweet to the NRA, politicians, celebrities and more asking, no, begging for change. 

Watts is not messing around, and if you need inspiration go and read what she has to say. She is making a difference and I want to help! How about you? Please consider lending your voice. We need change. Our children are depending on us.

Photos: Moms Demand Action

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Mike Prochaska
I been reading her twitter feed for over a
Year! She means business and trying
To being change! Awesome tip
AJ Rogers
She is so inspiring and fearless!
Donna John
Thank you for shining a light on Shannon Watts and her organization, AJ Rogers . Great information following the tragic event in Florida. Hope to learn more from you here. Welcome to the tribe!
Mike Prochaska
I tried to get Shannon watts to join the tribe with no luck.
AJ Rogers
She would be great, but looks like she has her hands full!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for sharing this, AJ Rogers . It is wonderful to know about this passionate mom and her organization, which I will definitely check out. Welcome to our tribe. We look forward to more from you! xoxo
AJ Rogers
My pleasure. Thank you so much for inviting me to the 30Seconds Mom tribe! I am excited to share more :) Have a great weekend!
Mike Prochaska
Test resist to 50409 makes it so easy to write your congress person #Resistance #StopNRA

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