Wanted: Mom, Expert Juggler (This Mom Needs a Break & Self-care!) by Abbey North

3 years ago
Wanted: Mom, Expert Juggler (This Mom Needs a Break & Self-care!)

What I find completely overwhelming is how much we moms handle and yet we feel like we are always dropping the ball (myself included, so no judgment here). I love my husband and he is a wonderful father – seriously great – but when was the last time he had to:

  • make a doctor’s appointment
  • order checks
  • buy daycare/classroom snack
  • attempt back-to-school shopping
  • help make Valentine’s Day cards or birthday invitations
  • make vacation plans
  • buy stamps (does he even know how much a stamp costs?)
  • plan family gatherings
  • fill prescriptions
  • complete school paperwork
  • plan a birthday party
  • send cards
  • pay bills
  • give the dog a bath
  • buy dog food
  • clean the fridge
  • make dinner plans
  • buy Tylenol (or even soap!)

And that's just for home. Don't even get me started on our professional obligations. No wonder we always feel like we are getting crushed. One day I rock at being a mom and the next I am lost somewhere between hot mess highway and anxiety avenue.

We need to give ourselves a break – it's not possible to juggle your whole life without dropping a ball. To moms who do it all: I applaud you, I stand with you, I am you, but darn, I just need a break and some self-care. We all deserve that.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Amen, Abbey North ! This needed to be said, and moms need to read it and take action for their own health. Thank you!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
"I am lost somewhere between hot mess highway and anxiety avenue." Me too, Abbey North ! I just love this. We all need a break and some self-care for sure! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Mike Prochaska
I do all this too fyi and I a husband
Mike Prochaska
As we joke at play groups when women say this stuff to us you Married the wrong man. Lol lots of husbands do all this stuff

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