Our Kids Are Watching Us: Parents, We Have the Chance to Become a Better Version of Ourselves by Roma Khetarpal

4 years ago
Our Kids Are Watching Us: Parents, We Have the Chance to Become a Better Version of Ourselves

Our kids want to be just like us. From the time they are born, we are all they know. That’s great and makes us feel honored and proud. But they see us from the outside – only we know what we are like on the inside. Oftentimes, we probably feel we don’t quite fit the standard of what we want our kids to be. We can use this opportunity to encourage our kids not to strive to be like us but to embrace their own selves and be the best them they can be.

  • Share and honor our similarities and differences. It’s important to share with our kids how we are similar and yet focus on what makes us different from each other. Celebrate the qualities they have that make them unique by encouraging a clear understanding of their individuality.
  • Encourage self-exploration. Life is a process of self-discovery, and the first steps to that start with our direction and guidance. Allow children to explore their interests, likes, dislikes and their higher vision of themselves.

We should also remember not to put pressure on ourselves to be the “perfect” role model. Kids will see it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. Our job is to show them that there can be a balance.

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