Clearbook in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Creates Opportunities for People With Disabilities by Mike Prochaska

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6 years ago

Clearbrook began in 1955 in Rolling Meadows, Ill., when a group of parents began meeting with the goal of establishing a school for their developmentally disabled children. In 1956, the Rolling Meadows Community School for Retarded Children Council opened its doors in a rehabilitated barn. In 1961, a permanent facility was established. Clearbrook’s mission is "being a leader in creating innovative opportunities, services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities.”

In 1965, Clearbrook began the Clearbrook Vocational Rehabilitation Center to assist developmentally disabled individuals in job training. In 1973, Clearbrook opened its first residential program for adults in Arlington Heights, Ill. This marked a shift toward human services as public schools began to offer classes aimed towards the developmentally disabled.

Today, Clearbrook runs over 40 facilities and performs a variety of functions that include group homes, resale shops, in-home programs and senior programs. Clearbrook creates innovative opportunities for over 7,000 children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy – as well as their families. 

Clearbrook provides personalized children’s, adult day, employment, residential and clinical services at more than 50 locations throughout the Chicagoland-area. In addition, Clearbrook is the largest provider of home-based services in the state of Illinois. Clearbrook employs more than 900 people and proudly reports that 92 percent of every dollar raised goes directly into programs and services. Learn how to donate to Clearbrook

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Elisa Schmitz
How wonderful! Thank you for letting us know about this, Mike Prochaska !
Mike Prochaska
Your welcome! Just trying to spread the word about great organaztion!!! :)
Mike Prochaska
Thanks! Can’t wait to read your tips

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