Thankful List: 5 Family Acts of Gratitude That Can Make a Difference! by DoingGoodTogether

Thankful List: 5 Family Acts of Gratitude That Can Make a Difference!

Share a bold, enthusiastic thank you with everyone who makes life better for your family. First, invite each family member to brainstorm a list of people they are thankful for. Pay particular attention to those easily overlooked people in your lives (the helpful cashier, bus driver or waste disposal team, etc.). Add these names to a mason jar, paper chain or decorative bowl at the center of your table. Then, make time each day to pull a name from your collection and choose a project from the list below.

  • Pay it forward: Celebrate gratitude by giving to the local food pantry or shelter. 
  • Bake and share: Double your next dessert recipe and give extras to someone on your list. Include a handwritten, heartfelt thank-you note, and deliver the treats in person. 
  • Make a call: Call someone up simply to say thank you for being a friend, a good grandparent or a kind presence. 
  • Write an old-fashioned letter: Write a thoughtful, handwritten note. Add a gift card if appropriate.
  • Get crafty: Make a seasonal craft project to share with someone on your list.

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I love this, DoingGoodTogether ! Tis the season to show our gratitude even more. Thank you for the great ideas! Sarah Aadland

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